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The Others is an international exhibition project dedicated to the emerging contemporary art, now in its fourth edition. The protagonists of The Others are all the operators – no matter if profit or no-profit – which deal on a continuous basis with programs dedicated to young artists: galleries born after January 1st 2009 and – irrespectively on their opening date – no-profit centers, associations and foundations, artists or curators collectives, artist-run-spaces, publishing projects, art awards, residences for artists, art schools and academies, bookshops which deal with art, spaces dedicated to young, self-produced design and artist graphics which meet at The Others to develop a focus on the global community of emerging art. A unique exhibition platform, implemented to gather the multiplicity of the realities which operate for the promotion of the younger artists and contexts showing a wide variety of objectives, programs and means of expression. Few initiatives exist for their collective promotion, and yet all subjects do share the spirit of researching and valorizing the emerging creative energies. A great opportunity for visibility and – at the same time – an essential place to gather and exchange experiences, contacts and projects; elements which constitute the very basis for the development of professional networks and activate virtuous synergies, as it is essential for the growth of the whole contemporary art system. Devised for young exhibitors in terms of quality and access, The Others is therefore a privileged observatory on the emerging international creativity, a place for a welcoming, experimental and non-conventional cultural proposal. A mesmerizing venue – i.e. the former jail of Le Nuove – and the late opening time – from 6.00 p.m. to 01.00 a.m. – completes a formula which has proven to be successful as a new art promotion format and which – at the same time – offers the audience the renewed pleasure of discovering the newest voices and most bursting energies of the artistic panorama. Provided with a performing area set up in the enthralling theater of the former prison – which shall host meetings, presentations, readings, theater and music performances, video projections, live music and dj set – as well as with bars and restoration points arranged in the former laboratories which face the central garden, Le Nuove represent a gathering and meeting place of tremendous appeal for all the artlovers and the youngest audience; the very beating heart of Turin’s contemporary art. The fair for the second year bets on the care and quality research of the whole project; the artistic management – director Olga Gambari and a scientific committee formed by Roberta Pagani and Stefano Riba – shall be aimed at attaining the best possible shared result.

The Wild Side

To be the wild side, the free one, the one that’s difficult to define and categorize; the side of art and experimentation which is unpredictable and in metamorphosis. An unceasing open research, to find out that the reflected image and the shadow show much more than what you expected. Beyond definitions and genres, art that interests us is the one that grows on the wild and yet undefined side, the side of The Others: unexplored ideas that grow independently – sprouted in unimaginable places, out of the usual fields and spaces – that offer themselves on an unique condition: the free observation. The Others – The Wild Side will be back in November with its dynamic identity living on exhibitions, concerts, performances and on the thoughts of all those who inhabit it and change, remember, dream, plan, experience with us. And turn into The Others. Since one never knows what happens, we can only prepare to welcome it. This year too, The Others can rely on a wide selection of awards for the artists and for the best curatorial projects, as well as on the support from new partners, along with those that accompany the project since its inception. Among them: Format, Gondrand, Poster Heros, Rolling Stone, Tuborg.

The Others is promoted by Associazione The Others and organized by Ventundodici Srl.


visitor information

6 – 9 November 2014

Via Paolo Borsellino, 3 Turin
Press here for the location in the map

Opening Hours
6 November | h. 9.00pm – 1.00am | Opening party
7 – 8 November | h. 6.00pm – 1.00am | The Others show
9 November | h. 12.00pm – 1.00am | The Others show

Ticket 5,00 euros

How to get
From Porta Nuova train station – Subway: direction Fermi stop at Vinzaglio | Bus: n. 68B and n. 68 direction Frejus stop at Palagiustizia | Tram: n. 9 direction Stampalia stop at Palagiustizia
From Porta Susa train station – Subway: direction Lingotto stop at Vinzaglio | Bus: n. 68B direction Frejus stop at Palagiustizia
From Sandro Pertini airport – Bus: bus Sadem stop at S Martino (Porta Susa station)
Taxi – +39 011 5730 | +39 011 5737


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The The Wild Side edition opens with a new space which shall be fully dedicated to music.
The wide  area of the basement – formerly a carpentry workshop –  shall be dedicated  to sound research  and experimentation of independent groups and labels, artists, collectives and shows that investigate the pathway of new sounds, proposed in the dense program of the Othersound section, which has been developed thanks to the contribution of Tuborg.
The charged-up indie-rock opening concerts by Foxhound, C+C=Maxigross and Il pugile shall be interspersed by three evenings whose program is aimed at exploring a wide field  of research. Acoustic projects of high instrumental profile, interactive performances immerged in electronic sound, live sets and listening sessions (with special focus dedicated to the theme of creation for radio transmission) shall alternate on stage, whilst the later hours shall be accompanied by dj sets of young electronic musicians, , Ake and ToNig Duo.
The radio incursions, with the web streaming of the Radiofonica project, in connection from the spaces ofO’ (a Milan reality born in 2001 and which is characterized by the spirit of research in the art/music crossover and by the scouting and promotion activity of national and international artists), shall be followed by a listening session run by Alessandro Bosetti and Anna Raimondo which will investigate the practice of radio art today. From Brussels, the Coloc project, curated by Francesca Chiacchio and Michela Sacchetto, shall take to   The Others the recording of the dialogue between Hanna Hildebrand and Saga Asgeirsdottir, a radio pièce (broadcast in Italy by Radio Onda d’Urto) on the act of observing in absence of view, born from a tightrope walking workshop held at the Brussels School of Circus of Tours and Taxis.
The absence of the musician – on the other hand – is at the center of the installation proposed by the Gang Of Ducks, a label and collective of musical research based in Turin and Berlin:  the movement of the public shall act in the generation of both the lounge  and the visuals of the interactive installation in the small control room.
On the contrary, distance as an act of resistance to the hyper-sociality that often leads to loneliness shall be the theme of the Neither Neither performance, a Distant Rave project of the new born label Haunter Records. The project is part of the Milan festival of musical and artistic research S/V/N/, dedicated to the re-interpretation of urban spaces through the support and promotion of emerging talents within the territory of new sounds and multi-media arts.
From electronic experiments to acoustic research, with the Turin’s collective based in the Docks Dora, SUPERBUDDA, born as a recording studio to then become a place of independent production, which – at The Others – shall present three instrumental projects. The opening shall be by Alessandra Bossa, pianist and multi-instrumentalist, whose practice unites the improvisation of jazz to his classic background; this will be followed by Paolo Spaccamonti, composer and guitarist, in duo with G.U.P. Alcaro, sound designer, producer and founder of SUPERBUDDA together with singer and composer Davide Tomat, who will close the electro-acoustic mini-festival.
From Turin is also the Plus duo, the musical soul of the mybosswas multi-disciplinary project. In an electro-acoustic live set, they will present – with the support of video-projections –  their activities as composers for the cinema. They will perform live some passages drawn from the soundtracks of Sette opere di misericordia by the  De Serio twins, Ruggine and Pietro by Daniele Gaglianone, but also from the music that accompanied writer Paolo Giordano in the presentation tour of his book Il corpo umano throughout Italy.
The indie-rock sounds shall accompany the opening and closing of the event through the presence of emergent groups, who are though already confirmed in the international panorama. The Foxhound, a very young band from Turin, who are already comfortable on the most important stages of Europe, and Il pugile, a newborn band who define themselves “a non-compressed electronic trio: we are an analogic band without guitarists”.
Turin shall also be the destination – from Verona –  of  the C+C=Maxigross psychedelic collective, born in 2009 in the small mountain village of Vaggimal, after which the label (Vaggimal Records)  is named. Their  travel from Verona to Turin is part of the action of the Casa Blanka independent space: a musical parade that will start from the station of Porta Nuova to end in Piazza Castello and then to The Others, with a conclusive jam session enriched by a tasting of typical food and beverage from Verona, served in multi-ethnic variations.

Besides  the proposals selected by the committee, there will be room for the performances of artists/musicians identified  by the exhibitors, amongst whom: Marzio Zorio, Catodo, Aquarius Omega (street artist 108 and cartoonist Dr. Pira).

Project links: | | | | | | | |


Otherscreen recreates the space and dimension of a movie theatre to give breath to various projects that conjugate the idea of video art into the contemporaneity. The Otherscreensection is a smallmovie theatre where you can enter and watch the  projections,  whose schedule  shall be  shown at the entry.
The festival proposes videos that will provide a panorama of experimentation and research through  different expressive formats:
from those languages that are closer to the cinema to contemporary video-animation, from the documentation of public art actions to the performance.
The program contains proposals made either at festivals or by independent curators who have been invited to narrate their identity and research. Such exploration takes shape from the convergence of multiple critical approaches and traces a mapping of the current video art scenario, proposing the analysis of a language in expansion, as related to both the themes and the suggested imageries as well as  in the  practices and techniques utilized.
Tpa, international festival dedicated to the promotion and spreading of the performance art born in Turin in 2012, presents an idea of journey inside the  video research which focuses on  the action of the body and on contemporary body art. The  Screen City Festival (born in Stavanger in  2013) shall arrive from Norway with animations, visual mapping and new media art broadcast  in the public screen; the festival is fully dedicated to the image in motion, presented on the façades of the palaces,  on the shop windows and in urban locations, thus  modifying its perception and valorizing its architectural physicality.
The contemplative and claustrophobic, natural and artificial landscape is at the center of the outlook of Matteo Mezzadri, Danilo Torre and Aaron Club for scatolabianca, a Milan based cultural platform that – since 2009 – has been offering a multi-disciplinary, multi-media vision involving  entrepreneurial, social and cultural activities, in the aim of creating a fruitful networking of resources and ideas.
Italian and international artists (amongst which Yuri Pirondi + Ines von Bonhorst, Francesco Arena, Slawomir Milewski, Katharina Gruze and Rita Casdia) compose the suggestive collection  called  Visualcontainer, born in Milan in 2008 and fist Italian platform for the distribution and promotion of video art. The project pays special attention to the theme of copyright and supports the worldwide spreading of video art works.
Like a little disaster is an itinerant collective which develops artistic collaboration, explorations and experiments in different cultural and public spaces. Paesaggi della sparizione is a collection of video works by Valentina Dell’Aquila, Flatform and Krišs Salmanis characterized by a sometimes cold and sometimes ironic reflection between the natural and artificial landscape, on the ambiguity of our perception and on the ability of sight  to act  as a tool of appropriation of the real.
The selection dedicated to contemporary video animation is curated by Paola Bristot and Andrea Martignoni: it will broadcast the sixteen short films contained in Animazioni 3, third chapter of the anthology which collects the best of Italian authors. After the success of the first two chapters of the series, with names of international renown such as Blu, Gianluigi Toccafondo, Michele Bernardi, Ericailcane and Magda Guidi, Animazioni 3 takes stock on the status of video animation in the last few years presenting the works of young talented emerging artists.

Together with these projects, videos of the artists presented by the exhibitors who participate to The Others shall be broadcast every day. They will be  works of different types and formats, developed by  Maria Domenica Rapicavoli e Janne Schafer, Jukuki, Antonio Di Biase, Claudia Matta, Francesca Ferreri, Patrizia Emma Scialpi, Francesca Arri, Elena Tortia, Lin De Mol, Monia Ben Hamouda, Giorgio Cugno, Ricardo Miguel Hernàndez, Claudio Malpede, Felipe Aguila and auroraMeccanica.

Project links:  |  |  |  |


The  Otherstage  looks like as a permanently open theater, located in the spaces of the esedra, i.e. the area which used to connect the different branches of the prison and which now gives access to the exhibition area. The esedra is now a 360° theater visible from the three floors that face such octagonal stage, only closed by the glass wall on the top.
Otherstage is a bare space, a minimal structure that hosts performing  imageries and languages of a different nature. The actions shall follow one another every day with projects where the word, hybridized by literature, melts  with music, theater and circus to become  ethereal like a radio wave.
Amongst the actions which will be presented, the one staged by Davide Ferraris shall lead the public inside a story, inspired by book Duri a Marsiglia by Antonio Fusco, where art and life, author and character blend; the action is  set to music by  G.U.P. Alcaro in a series of sound distortions which open the doors between real and imaginary.
More subversive tales and the witnessing  of outsiders searching their own ‘wild side’ are the subtext deriving from the reinterpretation of facts of chronicle and of the Italian cultural world made by Stefano Andreoli, who will lead a half-serious journalistic journey throughout the last few years of news, with piercing cues and the satire that characterizes the multiple prize winning website
On the other hand, poetry becomes active social practice in the action of collective Mettre en pratique la Poésie, which will try to map not only of collective and/or individual imaginary, but also the utopia of happiness, the idea of poetry and beauty by an opinion survey made through questionnaires handed out to the public. More surreal poetry will find voice in Zaza? et tuti l’ati sturiellett, played on the infinite expressive abilities of a language – namely the one invented by writer Francesco Forlani –  with Stefano Giorgi’s video painting and Lamberto Curtoni’s cello (direction by Domenico Papa).
Such a suggestive visionariness also characterizes Martina Nova’s show for La Fucina del Circo, where gesture and action, dance and painting made of color and light become research on movement and space. The body evolves from an earthily reality to a liberation of emotions and spirit, mixing theater, dance, sound and circus.
The proposals presented by the exhibitors shall complement  and harmonize the program. The individual body or the one expressed by a bunch is at the center in the action developed Francesca Arri, which is  the result of the workshop held  in the spaces of the theater during the staging days. Aldo Soligno shall actualize a photographic shooting for the public, during the four days of The Others, to grasp  the actual normality of the human and collective condition in the diversity of the individuals. Single actions by  Dario Cogliati, who will assemble and strip off a gigantic hybrid human body consisting of 225 printed sheets, and by  Irene Pittatore, who will reflect on the theme of vanity and vacuity in a physical mute dialogue with a peacock. Tiziana Contino, Giovanni Gaggia and  Monna Lisa Tina (directed by Gianluca Panareo), shall alternate in the sharing of a choral performance project – supported by a group of galleries –focused on the dimension of meeting the other, on the mutuality of the plural forms of love and on emotional introspection. It will then be the turn of Francesco Partipilo with an action where sculpture, underground music and ancestral poetry rotate around a dowser mask and – finally – of  Edoardo Romagnoli, who, in collaboration with Marco Chiaudano, shall lead the public to walk along its Moon strolls.

The walls of corridor which used to give access to the former prison  shall become an urban gallery en plein air for  posters presented by the Posterheros project, promoted by the Plug association that – for three years – has been inviting graphic designers the world over  to reflect on collective environmental themes, to then develop a collection of posters and calendars.

On Sunday, two free activities are available to the visitors upon reservation:

The  LabArte Primitiva, children’s laboratory lead by artist Saverio Todaro, which will put the body and physicality at the center of an idea of art as participation and personal appropriation of a language.

Il Coffee Break dell’Arte lead by Marzia Capannolo:  a journey through the history of art between ancient and contemporary, from Lorenzetti to Banksy, to speak about art as a universal, timeless language.

Project links: | | (per Davide Ferraris) | (per France- sco Forlani) | (per Mettre en pratique la Poésie) | |


OTHERSOUND (sala musica/basement)Map

10.00/11.30 p.m. opening indie-rock concert > Foxhound
00.00/02.00 a.m. opening live djset > ToNig Duo

07.00/08.30 p.m. distant rave > S/V/N/ presents Haunter Records, Neither Neither
09.30/10.00 p.m. interactive audio/video performance > Alviani ArtSpace presents Catodo, Random cuts
10.30/11.30 p.m. electronic live ambient > VAN DER presents Aquarius Omega (108 + Dr. Pira)
00.00/02.00 a.m. glitch djset > AKE

06.00/08.00 p.m.  performing with cetra > SUPERBUDDA presents Alessandra Bossa
08.00/10.00 p.m. guitars & electronic live > SUPERBUDDA presents Paolo Spaccamonti and G.u.p. Alcaro
08.00 p.m./00.00 electronic live &voice > SUPERBUDDA presents Davide Tomat
00.30/02.00 a.m. electro-acoustic live > PLUS Interferenze Live – Music for pictures

05.00 / 06.00 listening sessions > O’ presents Radiofonica, with Alessandro Bosetti and Anna Raimondo
07.30 / 08.30 p.m.  radio > Coloc presents radio#2 a radio conversation between Hanna Hildebrand and Saga Asgeirsdottir
09.00/09.30 live performance > Galleria Moitre presents Marzio Zorio, Concerto per quattro battiti
10.00 / 11.30 p.m. indie rock performance & concert > Casablanka & C+C MAXIGROSS
00.00/01.00 a.m.  elettronic&drum set > IL PUGILE

Every day
(music hall control room) interactive installation > Gang of Ducks

(esedra) radiofonica > radio web streaming from the O’ spaces


OTHERSCREEN (sala cinema/basement)Map

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6th 10.00 p.m. to 01.00 a.m.

- tpa (torinoPERFORMANCEART) presents selection Almost 3 (curated by Manuela Macco and Guido Salvini)

Michela Depetris, let the sunshine, 4’49’’ (TPA 2012)
Carlos Llavata, Hunting, 1’ (TPA 2012)
Miguel Angel Melgares, Portrait of a wet country 3, 3’15’’ (TPA 2013)
Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Beat a dead horse, 6’10’’ (TPA 2013)
Sara Pathirane, Scarabee, 2’20’’ (TPA 2014 – preview)
Alex Beriault, Study in gravity, 4’4’’ (TPA 2014 – preview)

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th from  07.00 p.m. to  01.00 a.m.

- Screen City Festival presents selection Borders and Migration (curated by Daniela Arriado and Mirjam Struppek)

Silvia Ospina, Animals- ein Tanzduett, 2008, 4’
Dario Bardic, Lunchtime, 2009, 1’
Bjørn Magnhildøen, Crossover, 2013, 1’17’’
Zanny Begg, Thisisnotacitizen, 2013, 3’10’’
Chris Brandl, No Toi, 2008, 30’’
Chris Brandl, Money4nothing, 2009, 18’’
Jessica Koppe, and even if, 2011, 2’10’’

- like a little disaster presents selection Paesaggi della sparizione

Valentina Dell’Aquila, Non abbiamo paura delle rovine, 2014, 4’ 26
Flatform, Un Luogo a Venire, 2011, 7’ 30”
Krišs Salmanis, Swelter, 2009, 8’ 20”

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8th from 07.00 p.m. to 01.00 a.m.

- Visualcontainer presents the  The Wild Side collection

Francesco Arena, BREATHS/RESPIRI, 2008
Anita Calà, La Ballata, 2013, 4’22”
Yuri Pirondi + Ines von Bonhorst, Emergencia, 2012, 11’43’’
Slawomir Milewski, Self, 2014, 4’35”
Barbara Brugola, Lapse of View, 2012, 3’15”
Armida Gandini, Muovo sonnambula al mondo, 2012, 2’00”
Katharina Gruzei, Workers leaving the factory (again), 2012, 11’00”
Patrizia Bonardi, Run with the past, 2014, video, 4’41’’
Rita Casdia, Stangliro, 2013 4’09’’
Hwayong Jung, Euphoria, 2014, 4’53’’

- scatolabianca presents
Matteo Mezzadri, External landscape, 2012, 5’24’’
Danilo Torre, Submissiom, 2010, 3’14’’
Aaron Club, Vacuum, 2013 5’37’’

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9th from 01.00 p.m. to 00.00

- Paola Bistrot and  Andrea Martignoni present  Animazioni 3 – Contemporary Italian Short Films  (60’ approx.)
With works by: L. Carrano – G. Spina, Mauro Carraro, Roberto Catani, M. Donimi – K. Rinaldi, Ursula Ferrara, Daniele Galliano, M.
Guidi – M. Cerri, Magda Guidi, Igor Imhoff, V. Musci – F. Forti – N. Abate, Pagnucco – Renoldner – Wolfsgruber, Alvise Renzini, Stefano Ricci, Donato Sansone, Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, and Fabio Tonetto

every day

- Ncontemporary presents
Maria Domenica Rapicavoli and Janne Schafer, Passage, 2010, 24’

- Alviani ArtSpace presents
Jukuki, Retweet, 2012, 01’09’’
Antonio Di Biase, Entrata Apostolica, 2012, 05’00’’

- Villa contemporanea presents
Claudia Matta, Quando la banda passò, 2013, 2’18”
Francesca Ferreri, Liminal, 2012, 1’00”
Patrizia Emma Scialpi, TOUCH | In prospettiva niente è lontano, 2014, 04’05’’ (courtesy by the  Università Politecnica of Valencia)

- Galleria Moitre presents
Francesca Arri, Gli inseparabili, 3’35”
Elena Tortia, Thende, 6’17’’

- Ron Lang presents
Lin De Mol, Origin, 2011, 5’20’’

- Rossmut presents
Ricardo Miguel Hernàndez, Invincible, 2007, 2’4’’

- Autofocus presents
Giorgio Cugno, Elisa#1, 2011, 10’

VAN DER presents
Fabio Tonetto, Pluto 3000, 2014, 1’ 29”
Francesca Ferreri, Crosses, 2014, 2’ 30”
Ritmo – 108, Making walls, 2014, 3’00

- Martina Corbetta presents
Monia Ben Hamouda, SHAKEMYTERRITORY, 2014, 1’18’’

Print About Me presents:
Claudio Malpede, A Mon Seul Désir, 2013, 4’50’’
Felipe Aguila, Orbita Celeste, 2014, 3’03’’
auroraMeccanica, Ménage à trois – Roberto Necco, 2012, 3’19’’


OTHERSTAGE (esedra)Map

09.30 /10.30 p.m. theater, dance, sound and circus > Martina Nova for  La fucina del circo, Disturbo + Evoluzione

O7.00/ 08.30 group performance > Tiziana Contino, Giovanni Gaggia, Monna Lisa Tina (direction by  Gianluca Panareo),
Yantras (Alviani ArtSpace, Rossmut, Marina Corbetta, MC2)
08.30/09.00 p.m.  radiofonica > radio web streaming from the spaces of O’
09.30/10.00 performance > Irene Pittatore, Ultime stanze, (Autofocus)
10.30/11.00 p.m. performance > Francesca Arri, La marcia della locusta (Gallery Moitre in collaboration with  Spazio Ferramenta)

07.00/07.30 story telling > Davide Ferraris featuring G.U.P. Alcaro, adaptation of book Duri a Marsiglia
07.30/08.00 p.m.  satiric monologue > Stefano Andreoli, La crisi è finita e altri racconti fantastici (
08.00/08.30 p.m.  radio web streaming from the spaces of O’
09.30/10.30 p.m. recital with video painting & cello > Francesco Forlani with Stefano Giorgi and Lamberto Curtoni (curated by Domenico Papa), Zaza? et tuti l’ati sturiellett

06.00/ 09.00 p.m. public action (basement corridor) > Edoardo Romagnoli (in collaboration with Marco Chiaudano), Passeggiate lunari
07.30/08.30 p.m.  performance > Dario Cogliati, Incorporeo, (Villa Contemporanea)
09.00 p.m.  performance > Francesco Partipilo, Maschera rabdomante, (spazio6m)

Extra projects
*02.30/05.30 p.m. workshop for children  (food&beverage areas) > Saverio Todaro (in collaboration with ArtEnfant), LabArte Primitiva
*02.30/03.30 p.m.  art meeting  (music hall) > Marzia Capannolo COFFEE BREAK: L’Arte al muro – Lorenzetti vs. Banksy
07.00/10.p.m. projections  (internal walls of the prison) > Gerry Di Fonzo, Psichedelia

Every day
Photographic shooting > Aldo Soligno Let them show their faces (Glenda-The Studio)
Presentation of a photo book > Pietro Bologna, Animaliere (mc2 gallery)
Public action, poetical survey > Mettre en pratique la Poésie Ricostruiamo l’immaginario (con i sogni di tutti)
Billposting  (entry walls of the prison) > Poster Heros

*for reservations write to

Photographic Exhibition of La Stampa


In cooperation with Contrasto Editore and Forma Galleria

“Quando la carta fermava il mondo” (When paper was stopping the world)

Works by:
Gianni Berengo Gardin
Piergiorgio Branzi
Margaret Bourke-White
Robert Capa
Loomis Dean
Elliott Erwitt
Roberto Koch
Nina Leen
Ferdinando Scianna
Dennis Stock
Paolo Ventura

The exhibition shall show a collection of photographic works by great authors, from Margaret Bourke-White’s pictures of the nineteen thirties up to Paolo Ventura’s contemporaneity.
Through the perspective of these photographers, the printed paper becomes the protagonist in these photographs, sometimes obviously, sometimes in a subtler, more ironical way.
The deep link between photography and printed paper is obvious in the images of the photographers who marked the birth of photojournalism such as Margaret Bourke-White, Robert Capa, Loomis Dean and Nina Leen, the collaborators of the most important newspapers of their time and witnesses of epochal moments in history and custom. On the other hand, Gianni Berengo Gardin seizes the ritual of newspaper reading in Venice’s cafés, whilst Roberto Koch and Ferdinando Scianna highlight a more ironic and social aspect of using the newspaper.
Somehow like the famous René Magritte’s pipe ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’, the newspaper proposes itself in these images in its autobiographic-educational and historiographical-formative dimension of today’s reality: a sort f individual memorandum and collective, mass journal.

FORMA GALLERIA – VIA ASCANIO SFORZA, 29 – 20136 MILAN – PH. +39 02 6553101 – +39 339 7124519 –


Premio curatoriale
E’ premiato il miglior progetto curatoriale presentato all’interno dello spazio dedicato a ciascun espositore; il premio offre la possibilità di organizzare una mostra site specific – nel corso del 2015 e della durata di 1 mese (da concordare) – nello space project Spazio500, situato nel quartiere di San Salvario a Torino.
La realizzazione e la promozione del progetto sarà seguita dall’organizzazione e dal comitato scientifico di The Others.
GIURIA: Luisa Perlo (curatore, membro del collettivo a.titolo) – Andrea Bruciati (curatore, direttore artistico ArtVerona) – Roberta Pagani (curatore, comitato scientifico The Others)

Premio residenza San Giors
Il premio vuole offrire la possibilità di una residenza a Torino negli spazi dell’Hotel San Giors, locale storico della città divenuto da qual- che anno rinomato come albergo d’arte e ritrovo d’artisti.
L’artista selezionato è invitato a presentare e realizzare un intervento, durante il suo soggiorno, in una delle camere dell’albergo, lasciando un segno che si somma e stratifica agli interventi di artisti nazionali e internazionali che hanno soggiornato nelle storiche sale dell’Hotel.
GIURIA: Veronica Caciolli (curatore Mart) – Enrica Borghi (artista) – Stefano Riba (curatore, comitato scientifico The Others)

Premio residenza Dimoredarte e Asilo Bianco
Il premio vuole offrire la possibilità, a un artista under 35, di una residenza della durata di una settimana (nel periodo febbraio-marzo 2015) nell’ambito del progetto Dimore d’Arte ad Ameno sul lago d’Orta. Si tratta della casa-studio dell’artista Enrica Borghi e dello scrittore Davide Vannotti, che ospita abitualmente artisti, musicisti e scrittori per progetti condivisi. Sarà messo a disposizione un ap- partamento e offerta la possibilità di realizzare una personale, nel mese di maggio 2015, che si concluderà durante la manifestazione Studi d’Arte (secondo week-end di luglio 2015), promossa in collaborazione con l’Associazione Asilo Bianco.
GIURIA: Francesca Pasini (critica d’arte) – Davide Vannotti (scrittore) – Francesca Gattoni (curatore)

Premio Autofocus per la fotografia
Il premio seleziona il lavoro di un artista – under 35 – che abbia presentato un progetto fotografico.
Il marchio VANNI occhiali offre la possibilità di realizzare una personale, nel corso del 2015 e della durata di 1 mese (da concordare), nel suo spazio/galleria in piazza Carlina. La mostra sarà corredata da un catalogo.
GIURIA: Mario Calabresi (direttore de La Stampa) – Roberto Koch (fotografo, fondatore dell’agenzia Contrasto) – Roberta Pagani (curatore, comitato scientifico The Others)

Premio Rock the Academy
È un premio rivolto a giovani artisti che ancora studiano nelle accademie italiane, e vuole offrire loro l’opportunità di esporre ed en- trare in contatto con il sistema dell’arte contemporanea, dando loro la possibilità di esporre nel contesto di The Others il loro lavoro. L’invito a partecipare era stato rivolto all’Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino, all’Accademia di Brera di Milano, all’Accademia di Roma e all’Accademia di Napoli.
I lavori degli artisti selezionati sono visibili in una cella a loro dedicata all’interno della manifestazione.
GIURIA: Guido Curto (docente Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, critico d’arte) – Cosimo Veneziano (artista, co-fondatore Bivacco Urbano) – Olga Gambari (curatore, direttore artistico The Others)


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