Edition 2017

Posted on:22 January 2018

Author:The Others


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Bed and Art, Venezia – IT
BI-BOx Art Space, Biella – IT
Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, Torino – IT
Studio C&C – Camera Chiara, Torino – IT
Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting, Milano – IT
CultRise, Roma – IT
D406-Fedeli alla Linea, Modena – IT
Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea, Prato – IT
E3 Arte Contemporanea, Brescia – IT
Galleria Façade, Parma – IT
Greylight Projects, Brussels – BE
kunsthallekleinbasel, Basel – CH
Limiditi – Temporary Art Projects, El Jadida – MA
Galerie Virginie Louvet, Paris – FR
Gallerie Migranti, Ravenna – IT
Polisonum, Roma – IT
Qbox Gallery, Atene – GR
Schwanzo Kollektiv, Berlino – DE / Milano – IT
Paola Sosio Contemporary, Milano – IT
Spazio Nea, Napoli – IT
Spazio Testoni, Bologna – IT
White Noise Gallery, Roma – IT
widmertheodoridis, Eschlikon – CH
Holly Crawford – Roberta Marroquin _ AC Institute, New York – USA
Agreements To Zinedine _ Agreements To Zinedine, Milano – IT
Quiet Ensemble _ CRAC | Centro di ricerca per le arti contemporanee, Lamezia Terme (CZ) – IT
Stefano Ogliari Badessi _ CultRise, Roma – IT
Irma Name _ Curate It Yourself, Parigi – FR
Marie Jeschke – Anja Langer _ Display, Berlino – DE
Andreas Marti – Chloë Cheuk _ Dienstgebäude Art Space, Zurigo – CH
Joanna Rajkowska – Małgorzata Markiewicz _ l’étrangère, Londra – UK
Macoto Murayama _ Frantic Gallery,Tokyo J / Brussels – CH
Martina Brugnara _ Gagliardi e Domke, Torino – IT
Mo Baala _ KE’CH Collective, Marrakech – MA
Lucia Kempkes – Tim Wulff _ Mindscape Universe, Berlino – DE
L’orMa (Lorenzo Mariani) _ Spazio Testoni, Bologna – IT
Clovis XV (Anastasia Bay – Julien Saudubray) _ SUPERDEALS, Brussels – BE
Matteo Cremonesi – Enrico Smerilli _ Twenty14 Contemporary, Milano – IT
Madame Tricot _ widmertheodoridis, Eschlikon – CH
Televised river _ Maria Antelman – Ioannis Koliopoulos _ curated by: Maria Nicolacopoulou
Massimiliano Farina _ presented by: Paola Sosio ContemporaryAnna Skoromnaya _ presented by: Espoarte Magazine, Albisola Marina (SV) – IT
Readings_Videos_Music _ presented by: KABUL magazine, Torino – IT
Arazzo Libresco _ presented by: Il Filo di Partenope, Napoli – IT
Progetti artistici on paper _ presented by: IEMME Edizioni, Napoli – IT
Brevi Distanze_in the frame of “Arte. Dialoghi in contemporanea“, Torino – IT
SKYDREAM, esperienza artistico-sensoriale _ presented by: Associazione Outsider onlus, Torino – IT


Intrauma Award: at its first edition, it marks the start of a partnership between The Others and Intrauma, a qualified innovative company of Turin that it active at both national and international level in the medical sector, with a line of specialist products and devices aimed at traumatology. In 2017, the 3,000 € worth award is aimed at the acquisition of either a work or a project that unites the values and creativity to the newest technical tools and languages, which will be donated to an Italian traumatology hospital of excellence.
Winner: Andreas Marti _ Dienstgebäude Art Space, Zurich – CH
Jury: Giovanni Tresca, Marco Viglino e Valentina Tanni

Best Curatorship Project Award: the award is focusing on those exhibitors who would present a curatorship project of special value. The best project shall be selected based upon its organicity, formal consistency and technical contents; the 1,000 € award is a bonus applicable to the participation to the seventh edition of The Others.
Winner: Schwanzo Kollektiv, Berlin – DE / Milan – IT
Jury: Matteo Bergamini, Aloisia Leopardi, Laura Lecce

“Specific” Award: verrà selezionato l’installazione site or context specific considerato il più sorprendente e coerente con l’ambiente architettonico che la ospita. Il premio, del valore die Euro 1.000, consiste in un bonus a valere sulla partecipazione all’ottava edizione di The Others.
Winner: Lucia Kempkes – Tim Wulff _ Mindscape Universe, Berlin – DE
Jury: Rossella Farinotti, Ilaria Porotto, Alessandro Gasparini

#premiobottegabaretti2: Bottega Baretti has been a partner of The Others since 2015, with the establishment of a 1,000.00 € award, to be given to the artist who distinguish him/herself because of his/her experimental research, who will be commissioned the development of an action addressed to the well-known space in San Salvario.
Winner: Giulia Gallo, “Remembering Maps” _ Galleria Façade, Parma – I
Jury: Andrea Casiraghi, Riccardo Casiraghi, Enrico De Fortuna



In parallel to the exhibiting platform, the Others presents a program of crosswise events, a calendar of initiatives exploring different forms of contamination within the contemporary artistic languages.

Every day:
The Performance Bar”, founded by a Dutch collective of artists and performers, will perform non-stop throughout the four days of the fair, transforming what looks like a fully normal bar into a stage for performance between the grotesque and the absurd. The bar is hosting a set of happenings with a very colorful cast: amongst the guests: Imke Zeinstra, MAASK, Tizo All, Suzanne Stavast, Florian Borstlap, Daniel van den Broeke, and Margo van de Linde, but also Italian performers and artists.

From 6.00 pm – performance every hour. From 11.00 pm performances may have explicit content. 1st Floor – Performance Bar Space

“ARTE. Dialoghi in contemporanea” – a project by Alba Maria Porto, Annalisa Greco, and Claretta Caroppo, in collaboration with Tedacà and il Mulino d’Amleto – winner of the ORA! Compagnia di San Paolo’s competition. The project is proposing an interpretation of “Art” text by Yasmina Reza – an ironic play on the concept of beauty, aesthetics and art – employing different expressive languages: figurative art, acting and video art. The scenography consists of a work of art collective Brevidistanze (Andrea and Marco Mangione) in dialogue with audio-video installations produced by video makers of Indyca Film, who translate the imaginary of the different characters in the text. The installation is completed by performance (see program) – Ground floor – “ARTE – Dialoghi in Contemporanea” Space.

Thursday November 2nd
09.00 p.m. – c/o KABUL Magazine space: djset

Friday, November 3rd (Gymnasium space)
The selection of multi-disciplinary performance is organized in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo:
06:00 p.m. -: “Non me lo spiegavo, il mondo” by Francesca Cola with Giulia Ceolin and Francesca Cola (duration: 20 min.)
sound: HUNN-HURR–TU /
photography: Leana Cagnotto, Gabriele D’accardi
| Superbudda / Scenography and costumes: Eleonora Diana / production: VOLVON, SUPERBUDDA with the support of ZEROGRAMMI / ajoint production: PERFORMA FESTIVAL | UOVO within project TRANS: UN NETWORK SULLE PERFORMING ARTS TRA SVIZZERA E ITALIA

07.00 p.m. – “Doppio Respiro” by and with Daniela and Luisa Pagani – live sound: Michele Gozzelino (duration 15 min.)
09.00 p.m. – “The Specific Site” by Manuela Macco – (variable duration)
10.30 p.m. – “Ctrl Zeta” by and with Sergio Garau and Francesca Gironi – Winner of CROSSaward 2017 – (duration 20 min.)

Saturday November 4th
06.00 p.m. – c/o o “ATZ”: performer M.D.
07.00 p.m. – c/o “ARTE: Dialoghi in contemporanea”: with Mauro Bernardi
10.00 p.m. – c/o “ARTE: Dialoghi in contemporanea”: with Mauro Bernardi

Sunday November 5th
From 3.00 pm – c/o “Performance Bar”: performance program “Family Afternoon”
05.00 p.m.– c/o “ARTE: Dialoghi in contemporanea”: with Mauro Bernardi


Saturday November 4th from 5:30 pm
MEDIASCAPES. New geographies and technological boundaries in contemporary art“, curated by Caterina Molteni. Through a series of conversations between artists, curators and collectors, The Others is reflecting on how the artistic practice formally and conceptually relates with the interrogation of the post-digital reality and on how the way we produce, use and acquire an artwork has progressively changed. With the participation of: Maria Antelman, Diego Bergamaschi, Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti, Michele Gabriele, Antonio Grulli, Simone Monsi, Matteo Mottin, Maria Nicolacopoulou, Domenico Quaranta, The Cool Couple.


From 10:30 pm
DJ Set on the inner courtyard terrace

Thursday November 2nd: Ruben Zambon – Aka Z-Aben
Friday, November 3rd: Andrea Viola – A.DJ Aka Andreyno DJ
Saturday, November 4th: Dario Messina


Four young talented chefs will alternate in the gourmet restaurant, created in the former canteen; a choice of quality street food will complete the gastronomic offer.


Thursday, November 2nd - Christian Mandura| Restaurant GERANIO - Dinner
Friday, November 3rd - Carmelo Damiano | Restaurant GIUDICE - Dinner
Saturday November 4th - Gabriele Torretto | Restaurant LA VALLE - Dinner
Sunday November 5th - Antonio Manarello | GERLA 1927– Brunch

For info and reservations: +39 011 19478575 | +39 3453059939 | eventitobe@gmail.com


Brambù – Brà sausage
Dal Parmigiano Gourmet – gnocco fritto
Farinel on the Road – miassa
Gina la Piadina – piadina
Tantì – farinata



Under the Patronage
With the Support



Ristorante Gourmet
salsiccia di Brà
Dal Parmigiano Gourmet
gnocco fritto
Farinel on the Road
Gina la Piadina

Curatorial Committee:

Bruno Barsanti (1982) is an independent curator. Graduated in Arts Management and a participant of the first edition of CAMPO – Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo’s curatorial programme (2012) – he has collaborated with contemporary art foundation and galleries in Italy and France (Galleria Franco Noero, Torino, Galleria Continua – Le Moulin, Boissy-le Chatel, FIAC, Paris, Fondazione CRT, Torino, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco). Since 2010 he has curated a number of exhibitions and projects, often set in non-conventional spaces such as a warehouse of an art carrier (Handle with care, Torino, 2010), a fishermen’s harbour (amarelarte, Bari, 2011), an abandoned building (ULAZ, Torino, 2012), a hydraulic supply company head office (NOISE, Venice, 2013). In 2013 he co-curated the exhibition NOISE, an official collateral event to the 55th Venice Biennale. Since 2015 he is also working as producer and coordinator of several exhibitions held at Galleria Franco Noero.

Ludovica Capobianco (1988) is a young curator and art consultant based in New York. In 2012 she earns a Master Degree in “Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment” from Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. Ludovica worked with international art galleries like Petzel Gallery in New York and Kaufmann Repetto and Zero Gallery in Milan; she furthermore worked with young galleries such as Laurel Gitlen and Robert Blumenthal in New York, in the latter as Gallery Director. She currently works as appraiser and art consultant for Art Capital Group, New York, and also as independent art advisor and curator. Ludovica curated shows with institutions like the ISCP, International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York, and the Italian Cultural Institute, New York. She’s also a contributor for the art magazines Artribune, Droste Magazine and Art-i-Curate.

Greta Scarpa (1987) earns a Degree in Art and Cultural Market at IULM University of Milan and she attended a Master in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Heritage at Il Sole24Ore Business School. She lives between Milan and Berlin where she collaborates as Associate Project Manager with Daniel Marzona Gallery in the interest of whom she deals with the management of art fairs and exhibitions in Italy and Europe. She worked in New York at Martos Gallery, where she managed Dan Asher’s Estate, and with Fridman Gallery. In Italy she gained her professional experience at first with Riccardo Crespi Gallery and then with Maurizio Caldirola Contemporary Art. Furthermore Greta has been contributing as art critic with Exibart magazine since 2013.