Expanded Screen Award

The awarded proposal for the Expanded Screen section is presented by the Estonian Union of Photography Artists FOKU.
The award was assigned  by an international jury composed of Andrea Ponsini, Renata Bellanova and Alejandro Alonso Diaz.

The jury unanimously awarded the Expanded Screen Award to FOKU for an engaging presentation that deals with current urgent topics such as the consumption and distribution of natural imagery, the environment and image circulation. The series of works by Mari-Leen Kiipli presented by FOKU poetically places nature and media relations at the center of a dialogue through the use of projections, light effects and reflections that focus on the human perception of these urgently needed themes.

Specific Award

The awarded proposal for the Specific section is presented by East of Elsewhere, with a series of works by Fadi Al-Hamwi.
The award was assigned by an international jury composed of Nienke van der Wal, Sandro Mori and Bruno Barsanti.

The jury unanimously awarded the Specific Award to East of Elsewhere for creating an artistically and politically relevant presentation. The jury especially appreciated the choice of the display and the significant relation established with the Surgeons Lavatory Room.

Best Curatorial Project Award

The Best Curatorial Project Award – focusing on Main section and Special Projects – is awarded to szena gallery.
The award was assigned by an international jury composed of Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Sergey Kantsedal and Pietro Della Giustina.

The jury was impressed by the formal and conceptual audacity of the presentation, the non traditional approach to painting and the ability to create an meaningful dialogue between the two different artistic practices of Egor Fedorychev and Anton Kushaev.

Bottega Baretti Award

The third edition of Bottega Baretti Award, established by The Others in collaboration with the well-known Bottega Baretti, located in the heart of San Salvario, goes to BI-BOx Art Space Gallery (Biella – Italy) and its artist Francesco Casolari (Bologna, 1982), for the three artworks entitled “Caffè nella giungla”, “Jungle golf club” and “Parking”.

The choice about small works and young artist was considered by the Jury composed by Riccardo Casiraghi – President Associazione The Others, Andrea Casiraghi – The Others Director, Enrico De Fortuna – Bottega Baretti owner and Lia De Venere – critic of art and curator, a sort of programmatic declaration of the intentions of Bottega Baretti’s property to launch a collection of contemporary artworks to be placed in its own premises and to grow in size, quality and value over time.